Search Engine optimization


This module is dedicated to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which forms a major and important part of Digital Marketing. Under this, you will be introduced to the major search engines, and various aspects related to them like how they work etc.

You would also be provided an insight into important and core SEO concepts like Keyword research and competition, On-page and Off-Page optimization. The structure of the module is such that by the end of it, trainees will not just gain the essential knowledge and skills, but also will be able to implement them.

Keyword Analysis & Strategy

After due research, we identify keywords to optimize search engine results

Website Architecture Optimization

Providing optimized website architecture and design

Code Optimization

We remove obsolete parts of code without altering the meaning behind it

Content Strategy & Optimization

We come up with suitably optimized content for your webpages.

Unique Infographic Creation

Facts and figures look so much more attractive in infographic form, and we are here to create fun infographics for your website.

What We Do?

Local fame

Press-releases and links at all local directories and forums

Conversion optimization

Increasing conversion of the percentage of visitors into customers

Content marketing

Create content that attract attention

On-page SEO

Optimization of HTML code and page content

Competitive research

Find the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors

Link building

Let search engines know about your website